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A place where your dog will get the care they deserve

Three Acres Kennels & Cattery are one of East Yorkshire’s oldest and most trusted boarding kennels. Established in the 1960s and family-run by owners who live on-site, we are proud of the level of care we can offer your dog

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Clean, comfortable and spacious accommodation

Our kennels are tiled and PVC coated to ensure they can be kept extremely clean and hygienic for your pet’s safety and comfort. The kennels are large enough for multiple occupancy, and we also have a number of larger kennels designed for large breed or larger families of dogs – these have a huge 55 square feet of floor space! All kennels are thoroughly cleaned each morning, and checked throughout the day to ensure they remain a pleasant place for your dog, using top quality pet-friendly disinfectants to ensure no cross-contamination from past occupants. There are 28 kennels in total so there's plenty of space for all dogs. 

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All the exercise your dog could wish for!

Every dog is different and has different requirements, but we make sure that every dog in our care is exercised a minimum of five time a day! The last exercise of the day is at around 9pm, giving your pet the opportunity to do what they need to before bed! This helps us to keep their kennel clean.

We also make sure that every dog in our care gets plenty of play time! Our secure grassed area is a lovely safe place for them to play, either on their own or with family groups. You can rest assured that we never mix dogs from different households to avoid any confrontation. The play area has plenty of toys, including balls, carry items and a large A frame for climbing fun. There will always be a member of the team there with them to give them the company and social interaction that dogs love, as well as to ensure that they are safe.

Dog sat posing in front of the house


We’ll make their stay as familiar as possible

We want your furry friend to have a comfortable and pleasant stay with us, and a big part of that is by making sure the environment feels familiar. For this reason, we recommend bringing your dog’s own bedding from home, as many dogs feel happier with this. However, we’re happy to provide quality, comfortable bedding if required*. We also provide quality dog food that we know and trust, and never use cheap breeder pack foods – your dog deserves better than that! If your dog is on a special diet for medical reasons – or just because they’re a bit of a picky eater! – we’re happy to accommodate them. Please provide the food in tidy packages that we can store in line with regulations. We have fridge and freezers available if required. We provide stainless steel food bowls for every dog, so there’s no need to bring theirs from home.

*Please note that bedding damaged or destroyed by your dog will be charged for.

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Expert attention if required

We offer free vet cover while your dog is staying with us, covering any unforeseen medical issues that arise during their stay with us. This does not cover pre-existing conditions or injuries caused by other dogs from the same household that are staying with us and sharing the kennel.

We are happy to administer any medications at no extra charge, but medical aftercare such as washing or bandaging of injuries, or follow-up vet trips would incur charges. Any medications you would like us to administer must be in the appropriate containers and clearly labelled with your pet’s name and the required dosage.

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To find out more about our boarding kennel and to check availability for your dog, contact Three Acres Kennels & Cattery in East Yorkshire today!

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